Ice skating with a penguin

Its amazing what you can get away with in a crowded shopping centre. The reaction was either fairly positive, interest showed, or I just got looked at. No abuse. I think this project goes down better with a youngish crowd and families. Pre arranged it with the manager of the shopping centre who also gave permission for me to visit Santa. Really grateful to him (John Hough). Loved the penguin. I do look a bit terrified in the video, which is hardly surprising, it was quite a feat skating while holding on to the penguin and the doll and trying to make her skate too, (especially since I’m not very good at skating) I had to stuff socks into one of her boots so she was at an angle, making one leg slightly raised. Her feet aren’t parrallel, so she wouldnt have been able to move on the ice if I hadn’t done that. I think it looks more realistic with one leg raised anyway.

Sledging while pregnant (sort of) THE VIDEO

Here is the video of me trying to sledge holding on to Katrin and also trying to look pregnant at the same time. It was a complete failure. Not sure if I should include it in my exhibition as it doesn’t look like a very serious peice of work. I did have a problem at the interim show where a few people just burst out laughing when they saw my photos, which wasn’t exactly the effect I was going for! Its a difficult question, because it takes a little time and at least six photos before viewers get the right reaction emotionally, otherwise they just laugh. Not sure if it will be the same with the video or not. Would welcome views on this. I will be posting two more videos after this hopefully tomorrow

Sledging while pregnant (sort of)

Barry took this photo of me sledging in St Leonards park January 2012. Took a video of this too, which I’m hoping to show in the exhibition. We were able to keep quite a low profile as the park is quite big. Had great fun. The main thing that occurred to me while doing this shoot was that if we hadn’t been doing this project we probably wouldn’t have gone sledging. So in this case it has given us an added experience that we wouldn’t have had. Me and Katrin with snowmen she made Me and Katrin with bigger snowmen….

The people of Lamberhurst are horrified!

We went to Lamberhurst funfair, making a special journey there, as it was so picturesque. It was perfect for a family funfair shot. Started taking the photos and Barry started to get nervous, as he had noticed that there was a crowd gathering in the distance. I was so involved in taking the shots that I was oblivious to it.  Anyway, eventually one of the men came over  and put his car lights on to try to ruin our shoot. I didn’t realise at the time that that was what he was trying to do. It was only later, when…