The Post Office just delivered my baby!

Just took delivery of my little baby boy from the Post Office. It was strange, I felt quite excited. This whole make-believe thing is quite interesting, as it really can cross over and bring real emotions.

His face seems quite realistic, but his head does seem a little small. He is meant to be a newborn, so maybe his head should be small.

Took a couple of shots of him in his cardboard box. Although I was influenced in that, by seeing a photo of a sex doll in the cardboard box she arrived in. I used the bubble wrap to make a blanket. The cats decided to investigate, so they are in some photos too, which is ok as I wanted them in the project anyway.

Info: exhibition- “Photos I’ll never take” at brighton photo fringe from Sat 6th October to Sat November 17th.

Thursdays to Sundays 10am to 4pm.

Address ;Mishon Mackay Estate Agents

99-101 Dyke Road,
Seven Dials,

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