Taking my photo, Birthday, up to the london show today

Going up to Photofusion in London to deliver my print for their annual salon show. They selected one of my photos- 2nd Birthday. I have now worked further on the words that I put with my images, as it appears that they are quite weak. This is the latest version of my artist statement for the project, in 150 words The subject of this ongoing project, is the family I will never have, hence the title, “Photos I will never take”.  I am constructing a fictional narrative of an alternative life with children, using myself, family, friends, props, a child…

Feedback from visitors to my exhibition in Brighton, and insights I have had.

The best thing about hosting this exhibition, has been how it has helped me to define, much more of what the project is about. The fairly straightforward concept of taking photos for a fictional photo album, has always had other layers within it that I found hard to define. l knew there were reasons for some of my decisions, that weren’t entirely aesthetic, but I wasn’t able to verbalise why. It just seemed the right decision. Comments I got from visitors either hit a chord or didn’t quite resonate. However, by exploring these different views, I was able to gain…

Press Article didn’t happen, but I’ve been selected for an exhibition in London

Unfortunately, after announcing that I would be in the Guardian, I don’t seem to be there today. I’m trying to find out if it will appear another day. Hope so. The good news is that I have been selected for Photofusion’s annual salon members show. It’s one out of a hundred photos they are showing, but, it did have to go through a selection procedure, so at least the Birthday picture was rated and will be shown in Brixton, London. The Brixton show is from 7th December 2012 to 18th January 2013, 17A Electric Lane  Brixton, London SW9 8LA

Inspiration for the project “Photo’s I’ll never take”

The idea for the project came quite slowly, it drew from several sources and developed as it went along. I had wanted to do an art project on childlessness, but hadn’t really any idea of how to do it. I went  to my Aunt Deita’s funeral and was quite struck by a life size doll she had on a stand on the floor in her living room. It was dressed in pretty clothes and had lovely heart buttons. To me it was a symbol for the child she never had and was “the elephant in the room”. It was the…

Press article about my show

I am absolutely delighted! The guardian have asked for one of the photos (the birthday) and I have been interviewed so they can run an article next Monday. (12th November)  The show is now over and everything taken down, but they will print a link to my blog, so I should get loads more traffic. With a bit of luck it may lead to an offer of an exhibition in a London venue. I have already shown this photo, but I am posting it again, because I think its this one that they will be printing.