New art studio

Have just started renting an art studio with my husband- Barry Reid. Its in Woolwich and on the Thames, some of the studios have a Thames view, sadly ours doesn’t, but the communal cafe does. There are about 300 artists there, and soon to be about 400 as its expanding all the time. An existing company- Robobond Emafyl owned several warehouses and had to downsize during the recession as a result of competition with China. They have now converted most of the warehouses to artist studios. The idea came from an organisation called Second Floor Studios. The site is fabulous, theres a climbing wall, three cafes, a circus arts centre, and a printmaking workshop, allowing use of their facilities and courses. I’m quite excited by it as I haven’t had a studio in a complex for about 20 years, when I was at Spitalfield artists studios. Gosh it shocks me how time has passed. I still think of myself in my head as I was when I was 30. If only I had been working all that time on art, I might be successful by now.
Here is a photo of Barry in our empty studio.IMG_1179

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